Understanding Bible Christianity



     This Bible study series of 8 lessons is prepared to provide a general overview of the main events of history as recorded in the Bible. You will learn primarily about who God is and how he has worked in the affairs of mankind from the beginning of time as we know it. You will see repeatedly the two themes:


1) God’s authority over man, and man’s obedience to God.                                                           

2) God’s deliverance of man, and man’s worship of God. 


This study series is designed to be studied with a Christian teacher in a class, small group, or an individual. All answers are found directly from verses in the King James Bible, which are located following each question.


If studied in a group, each person is encouraged to participate by reading the questions, and Bible verses, then providing the answers together. Work through the entire lesson before discussing questions and comments. At the conclusion of every lesson are two questions pertaining to what you learned about God and man.


Once you have gone through this study series, do consider sharing it with family and friends. Information this important is only good news when received by the student and shared with others. The following lessons will be studied:


          8 Lessons on Understanding Bible Christianity

1) The Directions of Life: God’s Revelation of Truth                             

2) The Designer of Life: God’s Creation of All Things   

3) The Deceiver of Life: God’s Authority over Satan and Mankind                   

4) The Destruction of Life: God’s Judgment of Sin and Mercy on Noah

5) The Dispersion of Life: God’s Promise to Abraham and Law to Moses                                                                  

6) The Deliverer of Life: God’s Deliverance through Jesus                                                            

7) The Decision of Life: God’s Grace is Offered to You                                                          

8) The Destiny of Life: God’s Kingdom is Established


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