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Free Indeed: True Stories of People who Met Jesus


Imagine having the opportunity to talk with Jesus one-on-one! There are several recorded accounts in the Bible of individuals who had this privilege. You will surely identify with some of their struggles and discover how you also may be set free through the answers Jesus gave. This book will also be timely for the Christmas season as you learn about the entrance of Jesus to earth nearly 2,000 years ago!

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8 Bible Stories

Chronological Bible Story set

See and Hear the Greatest Story ever Told...with BALLOONS!

New Audiobook Launch!

Worth the Wait by Luke and Jamie Knickerbocker

In 2009, my wife and I wrote a book about our love story how God brought our paths together. In the book, we each shared our unique perspective from our journals as God led each step of the way. A couple years ago, we began recording the book into audio format. Now it is available to listen at your own convenience! 


We invite you into our virtual living room, and listen as we take turns rehearsing the details of how we got to know each other, and followed Biblical guidelines to get to the marriage altar in a Christ-honoring way. 


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Life is a journey.


But how did we get on this trail? Where does it lead? Why are we here?


Let us embark on the path of discovering God’s answers as revealed to us in His written Word of Truth – the Holy Bible.

We may learn from those who have already “been down this way”.


Many of us have much more to learn: yet through experience, we may help guide others through the paths we have already travelled.


Join me now, fellow Pilgrim of Truth!

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