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The Season of Singleness

Can I actually be happy and not even have a potential boyfriend or girlfriend? What a dull life this must be – not having a relationship before marriage! “It couldn’t get any worse,” you may say… or could it? What if you missed out on one of the most special gifts God has prepared for you? Often in life, we receive many blessings that we easily overlook. Of these, especially in the years of adolescence and young adulthood, is this time of singleness. If the season of singleness is governed by Biblical principles, you will receive a lifetime harvest of many beautiful blessings.


During my freshman year in Bible college, a friend in my dorm gave me some helpful messages by Dr. S.M. Davis about Dating, Courtship, and Marriage. I was greatly helped by the Bible principles that provided clear direction for waiting on my life’s mate in my season of singleness. It bothered me that so many young men and ladies would date for a few months, then break up at the end of a semester. Certainly this was not what God intended for us single studentsI wrote the following article during my sophomore year, and gave it out to friends and family. Click Here to Read

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