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The Four Facts of Life


Fact #1                      The Designer of Life


Today I would like to share with you four important facts of life that every person needs to know. Have you ever wondered who made the mountains or the animals? How did man get here? Could there really be a God?


As we look around this planet, we realize that everything has a design. Look at a watch, for example, and you know there must be a watch maker. You look at a beautiful painting, and you know there has got to be a painter. You look at a building – it didn’t just get there on its own! Someone had to build it. As we look at the intricate designs of our planet, we know there must be an Intelligent Designer!


The Bible tells us that there is a God who created this planet. In only six days, He made the light, the air we breathe: He made the seas and the land. He made the fish, the birds in the sky, and all the land animals, the plants; but most importantly, God made man.


Well how did God do all this? First, we must understand some important facts about God. God is perfect; God is holy; and God is powerful. He can just speak and create whatever He wants by His command! God who has the power to make this world, also has the ability to reveal Himself. And He chose to do so through a Book we call the Holy Bible. In these Holy Scriptures, we learn that man was made after the image of God. “How’s that?” you say. Well, we look at trees and plants, they have seeds and are able to reproduce; but plants can’t talk.


You look at animals and they are quite intelligent. I agree, that with their instinct they can do some amazing things. But God can’t speak to animals and animals speak to him back. God can’t love animals and animals love him back. You see, God made man with a heart; God made man with a mind. God made man with the ability to make choices and with the ability to love. And God wants man to love him in return.


The first man God made was named Adam. The first job God gave him was to name all the animals. But there was no way that animals could be made a match for him. He couldn’t speak to animals and love animals and have a family with animals. So God put Adam to sleep and took from him a rib and made a woman.


Fact #2                      The Destroyer of Life


The God who created this world has the right to make the rules. So God said to Adam and his wife Eve that they could eat from any tree in the Garden except for one tree in the middle – the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This was a test to see if Adam and Eve would love God more than they love themselves.


Meanwhile, up in heaven there was something important taking place. There was a beautiful angel named Lucifer. He became lifted up with pride and wanted to be like the Most High God. Lucifer was not content with worshiping God, but rather wanted to be God…just like many people want to do today. So God had to cast Lucifer out of Heaven. So Lucifer came to the Garden and took the form of a beautiful animal – a snake! The snake came to Eve one day and questioned God’s command not to eat the forbidden fruit. He said, “Do you really believe that if you eat the fruit you will really die?” Indeed, what God had said was really true. Even though Adam and Eve both disobeyed, God still loved them!


But now they were ashamed and ran to hide from God’s presence. They tried to cover themselves with leaves, but that would not do. So God, in His love, took the life of an animal and used its skins to cover the nakedness of Adam and Eve. But now they had to leave the beautiful Garden.


You see, my friend, when we disobey God, it is sin. When we break God’s laws, we are breaking God’s heart. And God is a holy God; thus, He can ignore the fact that we’ve sinned against Him. Instead, He must punish all sin. Now we learn that God came up with a way to forgive sin.


Fact #3                      The Deliverer of Life


We have learned that God is the Designer of life at Creation, and Satan is the Destroyer of life by introducing sin in rebellion to God. But God in His infinite wisdom would come up with a plan to redeem man. God would send a Deliverer. Now who would this Deliverer be? How would the Deliverer rescue man from sin?


In today’s world, if someone is going to conquer their enemy, they do it through force or military power, as with the use of a sword. But Jesus came not to set up His kingdom on this earth. He was not coming to be a political ruler. But instead, He came to lay down his life. Just like in the Garden of Eden, when the first man and woman had sinned, God had to take the life of an innocent animal that He might cleanse Adam and Eve of their sin.


God became a man. His name was Jesus. He was the Lamb of God which took away the sin of the world. How did He do that? Jesus, who was perfect, had kept all the laws. He had always loved God the Father with all his heart, He had always loved his neighbor as himself. He never did anything to displease His Father. And yet he was crucified on a Roman cross as though he were a horrible criminal. Why did Jesus do that? Because He loves you and me!


Fact #4                      The Decider of Life


Now you have a choice to make. Not only is God the Designer of life and loves mankind. But Satan who is the Destroyer of life through his deceitfulness wants your soul, He wants you to go against God and live for yourself. Jesus came to rescue us from death by dying in our place for our sin. He died, was buried, and rose again three days later. He gives us a choice to make.


You, my friend are the Decider of life! Who will you give your heart to? Will you turn toward God and place your trust in the True Deliverer, the Lord Jesus Christ? Will you turn from your sin and abandon your self-righteousness and look to Jesus? Are you willing to reject your own religion (dharma) and good works (karma)? Will you accept the work that Jesus has done on the cross as your soul’s payment – as the fulfillment of what the Just God demanded for the penalty of your sin? Will you believe on Jesus alone today?


The Bible says, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved.” – Romans 10:13


Eternal life can be yours. It’s God’s gift, but it’s your choice. My friend, what you do with Christ will determine where you will spend eternity...                   Will it be Heaven or Hell?


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